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Re: undefined functions

On May 30, 10:51pm, db@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
} suppose i have two autoloaded functions f and g
}   function g
} gives 
}   g is undefined
} is this a bug?

There's no command named `function' in zsh.  There's a keyword, which
introduces a function definition, e.g.:

    zsh% function g {
    function> echo Hi there, I am g
    function> }
    zsh% g
    Hi there, I am g

No command that I know of in zsh has ever printed "<name> is undefined".
In 3.0.8, you might see:

   zsh% functions g
   undefined g () { }

Note that's `functions' with an `s'.  In recent 3.1/4.0 you should see:

   zsh% functions g
   g () {
   	# undefined
	builtin autoload -X

I can only conclude that `function' is a local alias or external script on
your machine, and consequently I don't know whether this is a bug or not.

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