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Re: zsh-4.0.1-pre-[45] compile problems under AIX

Jens Schleusener wrote:
> Hi,
> I have problems to compile zsh-4.0.1-pre-4 and zsh-4.0.1-pre-5
> under AIX 4.1.4 and 4.3.x.
> I assume the problem is a local one (local gcc installation etc.) and
> probably I have overseen something.

This could be a problem with the configure changes for termcap, so it might
be serious.  First, however, does this happen with a completely clean
distribution?  It's possible some of the attempts at fixing termcap/curses
in the middle have confused configure.

Has anybody compiled successfully under AIX with zsh-4.0.1-pre-4 or
zsh-4.0.1-pre-5?  If not, we need to fix this.

> Under AIX 4.1.4 (gcc 2.95.3) I got the following error:
> ...
> gcc -c -I.  -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I/usr/local/contrib/include  -o termcap.o
> termcap.c
> In file included from termcap.c:61:
> /usr/include/term.h:1315: parse error before `SGTTY'

That probably means that curses.h hasn't been included.  Is
TERM_H_NEEDS_CURSES_H defined in config.h?  If not we need to figure out
why not.  In the generated file config.log, look for the message `checking
if term.h needs curses.h'.  You should see some failure messages for an
attempt to compile a programme which included term.h, but not curses.h
(just what's happening in the failed compilation above), which triggers the
symbol being defined.  It should be pretty difficult to get the compilation
to succeed accidentally, though.

Looking at termcap.c, I can't see any other way of getting that particular

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