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Re: Bug#99095: Process completion for gdb

Clint Adams wrote:

> ...
> We could do this to _gdb
> 50c50
> <     _alternative 'files:: _files' "processes:: _pids -m ${w[1]:t}"
> ---
> >     _alternative "core-files:: _files -g '*core'" 'files:: _files' "processes:: _pids -m ${w[1]:t}"
> and then you could set zstyle ':completion:*:complete:gdb:*' tag-order 'processes core-files'
> What do people think?

I thought about something like that when I wrote _gdb.  The problem is
if there is no file matching *core.  Then the first would complete all
files (or directories), too.  And since they may be in different groups,
they would be shown twice.

Obviously, I didn't find a solution...

> > Or perhaps to have some portable and extensible mechanism for selecting
> > processes.  I would say that at least these should be supported:
> > 
> > - All of a user's processes (ps x, ps -u user), for most uses
> > - All of everyone's processes (ps ax, ps -e), for root
> > - Some formatting options (ps u, ps -f) for more verbosity
> The problem is accurately determining whether ps is SYSV- or BSD-style or
> something else entirely.



Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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