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Re: _man igores global matchers

I wrote:
} This patch drops the filtering on man page name and instead slurps up all
} the file basenames into the `rep' array, then passes that and the global
} matcher spec to compadd to let it sort out the mess.  If you have several
} matchers this can get pretty slow, so it ought at least to cache `rep'
} somewhere during the loop over the matchers; as it stands this is mostly
} a proof of concept.

Here's a better variation, which actually does cache the results for one
pass around the matcher loop.  It's quite a bit faster than with the
patch from 14621, but still slower than the existing _man.

The diff is bigger than the file, because of re-indentation, so I've just
attached the entire file.

Bart Schaefer                                 Brass Lantern Enterprises
http://www.well.com/user/barts              http://www.brasslantern.com

Zsh: http://www.zsh.org | PHPerl Project: http://phperl.sourceforge.net   
#compdef man apropos whatis

local rep expl mrd

if [[ $service == man ]] && (( $words[(I)-l] + $words[(I)--local-file] )); then
  _files || return 0

if (( ! $#manpath )); then
  local mp
  mp=($(manpath 2>/dev/null))
  [[ "$mp" == *:* ]] && mp=( ${(s.:.)mp} )
  manpath=( $mp )

  (( $#manpath )) || manpath=( ${(s.:.)$(manpath 2>/dev/null)} ) ||
    manpath=( /usr/man(-/) /(opt|usr)/(dt|share|X11R6|local)/(cat|)man(-/) )

if (( _matcher_num < 2 )); then

  # `sman' is the SGML manual directory for Solaris 7.
  # 1M is system administrator commands on SVR4

  if [[ $words[2] = (<->*|1M|l|n) ]]; then
    $manpath/(sman|man|cat)${words[2]}/*.*(:t) )
    (($#mrd)) && rep[$#rep+1]=($(awk "\$2 == \"$words[2]\" {print \$1}" $mrd))
    rep=( $manpath/(sman|man|cat)*/*.*(:t) )
    (($#mrd)) && rep[$#rep+1]=($(awk '{print $1}' $mrd))

  # Remove any compression suffix, then remove the minimum possible string
  # beginning with .<->: that handles problem cases like files called
  # `POSIX.1.5'.

  mrd=( ${(q)rep} )
  eval "_man_cached() { rep=( $mrd ) }"




(( $#rep )) && 
  _wanted manuals expl 'manual page' compadd -M "$_matcher" -a rep

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