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Re: Bug#99095: Process completion for gdb

Clint Adams wrote:

> > I thought about something like that when I wrote _gdb.  The problem is
> > if there is no file matching *core.  Then the first would complete all
> > files (or directories), too.  And since they may be in different groups,
> > they would be shown twice.
> > 
> > Obviously, I didn't find a solution...
> One could rely on the output of file(1), but that's ridiculously expensive.
> Why not an option to _path_files that doesn't add any matches if the
> pattern is not met?

That's what _path_files always does, only _files will re-try with
directories and all files.

_gdb is rather old and because we've added all that tag-order and
file-patterns stuff in the meantime, I would almost suggest to just use
the `_files -g "*core"' you suggested.  Users can then always use the
two styles to change that if they want (we could add a comment to _gdb
about that, asking users to tell us why they need it -- if the way their
systems handle core dumps is the reason for it).  Of course, they can
now use the file-patterns style to change it to use that pattern, too.

As I said, I had thought about these things when I wrote _gdb, I just
wasn't sure if `*core' is a good enough pattern for all systems.  And I
probably didn't ask back then.

So, I would be happy if you choose to change the call to _files, and
since noone complained that that would break core file completion on
their system...


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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