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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: zsh 4.0.1 released

On Jun 1,  1:42pm, Clint Adams wrote:
} On the other hand, there's no pressing need to branch until just before 4.0.2
} is to be released.

Right, 4.0.1 is tagged, so we can always create a branch off that point.
The only ugly part of "branch later" happens if we start adding files
(such as configure.ac ...).

On Jun 1,  6:50pm (really only 8 minutes later), Peter Stephenson wrote:
} OK, in that case I've created a branch called `zsh-4_0-patches' (after a
} botched attempt called `zsh-4_0_1-patches', ignore that).  We'll have to
} decide patch by patch what is important enough to go on that branch, but

Do you want me to take charge of that, like I've been doing for 3.0?
Or are you OK with it now that it's all in one repository?

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