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RE: PATCH: Re: zsh and autoconf-2.50

> } When dealing with packages as convoluted as ours, such as to require
> } a specific version of autoconf, it does not seem too much of a burden
> } for developers (specifically, developers that modify the configure
> } source) to marshall more than one version of autoconf.
> My specific objections are that (a) as already noted, it's not limited
> just to developers who modify the configure source,

Anybody who fiddles with configure.in^H^Hac should be prepared to deal with
(in-)compatibilities so it is not really a question. It is 500KB and needs
just GNU m4 to run.

and (b) when dealing
> with package-manager-based installations such as most linux distributions,
> it's somewhat more difficult to "marshall more than one version" without
> causing unintended side-effects.

Yes, I have not thought about it. This is the real argument. Even Mandrake
cooker has not dared to update to 2.50 yet. Still, I do not speak about
4.0.x - it will remain as is. I speak about 4.1.x that is development
version anyway.

No I do not push it. 2.50 is nice and more clean and some tasks can be
implemented in much more natural way but there is nothing really pressing.

So, I'm personally inclined to implement Bart's idea for 4.0.x and redesign
for 2.50 in 4.1.x at some point near 4.1.1.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author