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Re: 4.0.1: problem with sourcing on Solaris

Jos Backus wrote:
> taiko:/depot/src/zsh-4.0.1% cat x                     
> a=`uname -s`
> taiko:/depot/src/zsh-4.0.1% uname -s
> SunOS
> taiko:/depot/src/zsh-4.0.1% truss -f -o out Src/zsh -f
> taiko% . ./x
> [hangs][press ^C]
> taiko% exit

I don't get this.

> Relevant section of truss output:
> ...
> 29084:  setcontext(0xFFBEECE8)
> 29084:  sigprocmask(SIG_BLOCK, 0x000DABE0, 0x000DABFC)  = 0
> 29084:  kill(29085, SIG#0)                              Err#3 ESRCH
> 29084:  kill(29085, SIGCONT)                            Err#3 ESRCH
In particular, this is missing from my output.  Could /etc/zshenv have
anything to do with it?  Or there could be a race --- there are a couple of
cases where zsh will send an explicit SIGCONT, in particular a whole set in
jobs.c.  Or it could be a red herring, to do with you interrupting it, and
the real problem is earlier.

> 29084:  sigsuspend(0xFFBEF000)          (sleeping...)
> 29084:      Received signal #2, SIGINT, in sigsuspend() [caught]
> 29084:  sigsuspend(0xFFBEF000)                          Err#4 EINTR

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