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Re: Patch/integration policy

"Andrej Borsenkow" wrote:
> Now with forked CVS we have to decide
> - how patches are posted
> - how patches are integrated.
> Posting - should patches be posted for both stable and development?

We've done this before.  They only need posting separately at all if they
are designed for both versions and the same patch doesn't apply to both.
Bart tended to submit altered versions for 3.0 where necessary, but we
didn't have the archive then.  I imagine people using 4.0 won't need
up-to-the minute patches posted here unless they refer to a particular
problem which has turned off.  So we probably won't usually need to post
4.0 patches.

> Integration - are patch authors responsible for applying them to both
> branches? Or we designate some person(s) who will maintain stable version
> and integrate patches fron HEAD while other will continue in HEAD as before?

Preferably the original author can commit it to both branches if that's
necessary, at least until the rate of fixes dies down.

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