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Re: Export problem

On Jun 6,  9:56am, Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
} Subject: RE: Export problem
} 2. Both bash and ksh88 (version that I have) do not split export arguments.
} That calls for compatibility option.
} I am not sure how to call it. May be it is time to start POSIX_* set of

Hrm; POSIX_EXPORT_SPLIT would be *on* by default, then, as bash/ksh do
not split.  And it's not just `export', it's also `typeset' etc.  Maybe
KSH_TYPESET would be a better option name, and we could also check it
to see whether we should force compatibility with ksh's `typeset' flag
letter meanings in case of collisions (same way ksh emulation changes
the interpretation of `set' single-letter-options).

Unless we're already incompatibile with POSIX typeset flag letters, or
unless we're worried about bash compatibility and bash has yet a third
set of options, in which case we've got a deeper hole to dig out of.

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