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Re: PATCH: Re: 4.0.1 - arguments test fails

Peter Stephenson wrote:

> Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
> > I'm going to commit this now, do I have to commit it somewhere else, too
> > (because of branching or something)?
> Yes, you have to
>   cvs -d '<the-sourceforge-stuff>' checkout -r zsh-4_0-patches zsh
> and apply it.

Aha.  I have that now, but whenever I try to commit the applied patches
there, it says:

  cvs commit: Examining ...
  cvs [server aborted]: "commit" requires write access to the repository

What am I doing wrong?

> In general they shouldn't go straight onto the 4.0 branch until after a bit
> of testing, but this one is presumably an improvement.  Bart's suggestion
> is someone (probably me, it looks like) applies all the 4.0 changes, but
> I'm not enthusiastic about doing it all myself at the moment.

Bart's 14744 would be fine with me (when I've learned how to commit there...).


Sven Wischnowsky                         wischnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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