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zsh 4.0.1 make check failures on irix, freebsd, solaris, aix, linux

I seem to be getting make check failures on the new version of zsh on all
the architectures we have around here! As the README asks, I am not a
subscriber to this list. The Y03's are all the same, but not all the C02's
are the same.

On freebsd 4.1.1 on x86, Y03 fails. I enclose the result of Util/reporter
followed by the verbose log of that test.

Attachment: freebsd-report
Description: freebsd 4.1.1 failure report & log

On Irix 6.3, gcc 2.8.0, C02, Y01, Y02, Y03 fail. Y0[123] appear to be due to 
zpty failure, which is documented as a lack of support, so I don't include
them (just C02). Using the SGI cc gives essentially the same result.

Attachment: irix-6.3-gcc-2.8.0-report
Description: irix 6.3 gcc 2.8.0 report & log

On Irix 6.5, gcc 2.91.66, again fails C02 and Y0[123]. The Y tests are again

Attachment: irix-6.5-gcc-2.91.66-report
Description: irix 6.5 gcc 2.91.66 report & log

On Solaris 2.7 (Sunos 5.7), gcc 2.95.3, C02 and Y03 fail. Using SUNWspro 4.2 
gives essentially the same results.

Attachment: sunos-5.7-ultrasparc-gcc-2.95.3-report
Description: Solaris 2.7 (sunos 5.7) gcc 2.95.3 report & log

On RedHat 7.0 linux 2.2.16 gcc 2.96 20000731, C02 and Y03 failed.

Attachment: redhat-7.0-linux-2.2.16-gcc-2.96-20000731-report
Description: redhat 7.0 linux 2.2.16 gcc 2.96 20000731 report & log

On aix 4.3.2, gcc 2.91.66 fails completely, installed zsh has an error being 
unable to find libzsh-... The system cc fails in the same way, but by that
time I had found the runtime path documentation in the manpage and
determined that the link line for both gcc and cc lacks -L to tell it where
to find libzsh-... Adding that manually produced a zsh which ran and
immediately segfaulted (even with -f). I then tried the system cc, with
configure --disable-dynamic and all modules set to link=static in
config.modules, and that finally ran, but failed A04 and C02, but,
surprisingly, not Y03.

Attachment: aix-4.3.2-cc-report
Description: aix 4.3.2 cc --disable-dynamic report & log


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