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Re: AIX-problem: the main module won't link statically

On 11 Jun 2001, Timothy Miller wrote:

> There's no zshconfig.ac in the zsh-4.0.1 source I have so I presume that's
> what you meant about needing to patch configure.in directly.


cd /some/path/zsh-4.0.1
patch -p0 configure.in < patch.file

 However, I was
> unsure about what was meant about autoconf (the currently installed version
> is either 2.14.1 or 2.13), so I patched configure directly (substituting
> AC_DEFINE and dnl the way they were done in configure).

2.14.1 never existed; there are 2.13 or 2.50; anything in between is
development version that was never officially released. You can just use
2.13 after patching configure.in.

 On doing plain
> configure (which uses gcc), it compiles ok up until:

Oliver, is it possible to compile zsh with gcc on AIX? I understand,
currently it is assumed that we use native compiler. Or does gcc support
the same options as native compiler?

> Updated `stamp-modobjs'.
> rm -f libzsh-4.0.1.so

Have you removed config.cache after creating new configure? AIX should not
build libzsh.so; it is hardcoded and does not depend on compiler.

> On doing a "CC=cc ./configure --prefix=/cs" it compiles and runs the tests,
> failing A04 and C02 as before, and now also Y0[123] (with failure to load
> module zsh/zpty). Apparently the modules aren't built separately? And I
> can't load zsh/zftp, so something is wrong. It looks like a bunch of modules
> are specified in config.modules as link=no auto=yes but they don't appear to
> be built, installed, or loadable from zsh.


- make clean source tree
- apply the patch and run autoconf-2.13 as above;
- run configure; make
- send config.log, config.h, config.cache and conifg.modules.

Probably, typescript of make does not harm. You may send them directly to
me so as to not clutter list.


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