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Skipping certain completers -- how?

I have:

zstyle ':completion:*' completer \
    _oldlist _expand _complete _match _ignored _approximate _prefix

I'd like to use only a subset of that list in certain instances, but the
completer style is looked up with context ':completion:::::' so it's not
possible to use the context to restrict the list.

A specific example:  When completing the cvs subcommand name (the first
word after `cvs' itself) I'd rather that _expand, _ignored, and _prefix
were NOT called.

My guess is that this can only be accomplished with a "control function"
similar to _prefix except operating sort of in reverse -- that is, you
make that function your only completer, then give the "real" completers
in a nother style that's looked up by the control function, which then
calls them.

We also have the avoid-completer style that could be used to give a list
of completers to skip in such a control function.

Can anyone think of anything else that would be involved, or of a better
way to accomplish this?

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