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Re: Skipping certain completers -- how?

On Jun 15,  9:07am, Sven Wischnowsky wrote:
} There is the -e option to zstyle, of course (and I've added an example
} for the `completer' style with it some time ago -- in the Overview
} section in compsys.yo).

Er, ahem, yes, ah, well ...

That does almost solve the specific cvs example, but it means writing
your own set of tests for what the context is.  That is, I want the
restriction to apply to the subcommand name, and it'd be OK if it also
applied to any options either of cvs or of the subcommand, but I don't
want to restrict the completers used for the actual file arguments.

} I have been thinking about something similar to [a control function.]
} The problem is to decide which conditions we should make it be
} conditional upon, there are so many things people might want to test.

There, zstyle -e can be used to even better effect.  The "hard part" has
been done by computing the context; the rest of the conditions can then
be included in the value of the style.

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