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Re: strange CVS completion

On Jun 15,  5:06pm, Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
} Subject: strange CVS completion
} bor@itsrm2% cvs diff s/m/zf.cTAB
} bor@itsrm2% cvs diff Src/Modules/zf.c
} Why it does not complete the last part?

I sort of explained that back in 14218, with the patch that made it work
even that far:

> The following seems to give the desired behavior for the most part.  It
> does partial-path completion as far as possible, then stops leaving the
> trailing file name uncompleted.  Press TAB again, and it completes the
> final part by examining the CVS/Entries file as usual.

The problem is that to complete the file name, it needs to look at the
CVS/Entries file, but until the directory has been completed it can't
possibly know _which_ CVS/Entries file to examine.  Even if there's only
one possible directory, there's no way to extract that information from
_path_files in order to use it to find the Entries file.

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