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Re: PATCH: 4.1.0: mkstemp

On Jun 15,  4:56pm, Wayne Davison wrote:
} Subject: Re: PATCH: 4.1.0: mkstemp
} On Sat, 16 Jun 2001, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} > gcc has taken to complaining about using mktemp() instead of mkstemp().
} Since mkstemp() returns a file handle, not a file name, I reverted the
} code in util.c back to how it was.

You should have made a ChangeLog entry, or deleted PWS's ...

We could, of course, do this:

    if (close(mkstemp(ret = dyncat(unmeta(s), "XXXXXX"))) < 0 ||
    	unlink(ret) < 0)
    	ret = NULL;

strictly for purposes of silencing silly warnings.  However, it is the
case that zsh always uses mktemp() safely -- it always opens the file
with O_CREAT|O_EXCL after generating the name, so it'll simply fail if
someone else manages to create the name first; zsh can't be duped into
using a file owned by someone else as long as $TMPPREFIX does not refer
to an NFS filesystem (in which case even mkstemp() is not safe, as far
as I can tell).

I suppose one could conceivably use this behavior to do a crude DoS attack
on a zsh user on systems where mktemp() is predictable.  Of course, the
create/unlink trick above makes it possible to actually watch for the name
to appear and then re-create it immediately after it vanishes, which is
probably worse than if it were never created in the first place.

I was just checking through the code that uses gettempname(), and there
is only one instance where we absolutely couldn't use mkstemp() instead:
The case of wanting to create a temporary FIFO.  There we'd have to do
an unlink() before the mkfifo(), which makes mkstemp() no improvement.

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