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Re: Suggested 4.0.2 contents

Bart Schaefer wrote:

Here's what I think the 4.0.1 --> 4.0.2

I currently have a patch for HEAD that should fix the reported problems in AIX. Unforunately, I have no feedback so far. The patch actually consists of

- fix a bug introduced by me at some point (changed cache variable name). This would prevent dynamic loading even on tested AIX 3.x. I guess, it must go 4.0.2 in any case

- reshuffle if's in zshconfig.ac to force AIX style if AIX functions were found.

- add test for base type of third argument of access(). AIX compiler is picky as it seems. Currently it tests for int *, unsigned long * and size_t * and defaults to int * if everything else fails. We currently use int * in code so it should not break any system but you know ...

I guess, I should commit it to HEAD anyway. You decide if it should go in 4.0.2.


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