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Re: bindkey

On Jun 21,  6:26pm, Pierpaolo Righini wrote:
} Subject: bindkey
} F1....F12 keys, the keypad and [...] the page-up and page-down keys
} that under zsh are very useful to complete the possible command
} names.

The only key that's normally bound to do completion is TAB, so I'm not
sure what you're referring to here.  Do you have some key bindings of
your own for these keys, that have stopped working?

} for the first time I experienced a problem using the z-shell with the
} distribution red-hat 6.2

Did you recently install or upgrade to redhat 6.2?  There were a number
of changes to the configuration of xterm introduced in 6.2, mostly to
handle the scrolling wheel on the Microsoft Intellimouse.  This may be
affecting your key bindings.

If you're using the zsh distributed with RH 6.2, that would be zsh 3.0.7,

} When I press these keys I only get: ~ 

Do you normally use emacs keybindings, or vi keybindings?  The above makes
me think that you've got vi bindings in effect, which may not be what you
were expecting.

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