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Re: bindkey

On Jun 21,  7:15pm, Michal Maru¹ka wrote:
} Ask the zsh what coded these keys produce: 
} you> type: M-x (M- stands for meta or alt key  -x means contemporary press the letter x)
} zsh> says: execute:_
} you> type: describe-key-briefly
} zsh> says: Describ key briefly: _
} you> press the key which bothers you. e.g Home
} zsh> says:  "^[[1" is undefined-key
} describe-key-briefly did not report all the key sequence.

Hmm, this is a bit of a thorny problem:  describe-key-briefly only works
correctly for keys which are bound to something.  For keys that are not
bound, the search through the key tables stops as soon as it finds that
the prefix is not bound, without consuming the remaining characters of
the multi-key sequence.

Of course zsh has no way of knowing that it should treat \e[1~ as all one
sequence before it is bound to something; it can't tell how many keys you
pressed to cause that to appear.

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