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Re: backward-kill-word behavior

Peter Stephenson (`I') wrote:
> Here's my proposal for allowing text to be put into the kill buffer (and
> hence onto the kill ring).
> +item(tt(-P) [ tt(-bk) ] var(string))(
> +This puts var(string) into zsh's kill buffer for use with a subsequent
> +tt(yank), causing the kill-ring to be rotated.   By default, var(string)
> +will simply overwrite the text in the buffer; if the tt(-k) option is
> +given, it behaves instead like a kill command in that subsequent kills or
> +calls to tt(zle -P) cause var(string) to be appended to the existing text
> +in the kill buffer.  If the flag tt(-b) is given, the the var(string) is
> +instead inserted before any existing text in the kill buffer; this is used
> +when emulating kills in the backward direction.
>  )

This is somewhat garbled.  The point about the `kill' behaviour is that it
always means that the *next* operation on the kill buffer will
append/prepend instead of overwrite, if it follows immediately.

Thinking about it, it might be simpler to impose the -k behaviour and just
have the option -b for control.  This works much more like real kill
commands and you can do tricks with other (non-kill) zle commands if you
need to control the buffer.

Unless there's a neater way of doing it?

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