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RE: PATCH: "unimplemented" for test suite

> On Jun 18, 10:44pm, Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
> }
> } I was unsure about added value of this patch and there was no comments.
> Certainly it would be nice to at least *explain* the test failures for
> the Y* tests when --disable-dynamic ... either that, or we should add
> zpty to the list of modules that are always linked by default.
> Probably comptestinit should not proceed if zmodload zpty fails, and
> the %prep section should fail in that case, so that we don't report
> failures on individual tests.
> If Andrej's patch -- or some combination of it with the below -- isn't
> considered better, how about this?

I guess, we better leave completion tests as in Bart patch. It is impossible
(at least, I have no idea how) to decide if zsh/zpty  failed or just was
missing, so skipping other tests is the most we can do.

And here is for the rest.


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