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RE: AIX - almost success.

> Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
> > ...
> >
> > What's up? It definitely works on Linux, Sven, do you have numcodes,
> > boolcodes etc on Tru64?
> Err, they are declared in term.h, but config.h says I don't have them,
> even after re-running `./Util/preconfig;autoconf;autoheader;./configure'.
> Should I try something, look at something or tell you something? What,
> where, what? (Sorry I hadn't looked before, I was just too busy to
> follow that thread.)

Well, I just was curious to here that test program failed on Tru64.

The problem on AIX was boolcodes etc are defined in term.h, exist in
libcurses but linking fails (I suspect AIX bug). Unforunately, compilation
then fails as well because of redefinition in terminfo.c.

It is not much you can do I guess (short of fixing the problem, whatever it
is, on Tru64 :-) But if this happens on more than one system, something has
to be done I guess.


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