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Re: PATCH (?) Re: [zsh 4.0.1 bug] filename completion

I wrote:
} } But this isn't a really good solution, because with that and directories
} } `~soft/foo' and `software/foo' completion after `cd soft/f<TAB>' lists
} } the `foo's, not the ambiguous prefix
} Hrm.  That's a pretty minor problem by comparison.  Particularly since it
} will (appear to) do the right thing if there are at least two directories
} starting with `f' that don't share a whole name in common.

One complication of this is:

schaefer<509> cd soft/<TAB>
Completing directories after cdablevar
software/       src/            sparc-solaris/  share/          scripts/      
Completing local directories

The "local directory" listed above is really ./software/subdir/.  Cycling
through the menu completions inserts it properly -- it's just the display
that is wrong.

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