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Picky criticism of ls completion list formatting

The 'ls' completion list takes up more screen space than it need.  For example
with ls directory contents are listed as..

% zsh -f  # To get rid of LS_COLORS though doesnt make any difference...

aragorn% ls -F
CVS/           Functions/   Src/           config.guess*   configure.ac
ChangeLog      INSTALL      StartupFiles/  config.h        configure.in
ChangeLog-3.1  LICENCE      Test/          config.h.in     install-sh*
ChangeLog.3.0  META-FAQ     Util/          config.log      mkinstalldirs*
Completion/    Makefile     acconfig.h     config.modules  stamp-h
Config/        Makefile.in  aclocal.m4     config.status*  stamp-h.in
Doc/           Misc/        aczsh.m4       config.sub*     zshconfig.ac
Etc/           README       config.cache   configure*

Listing completions for 'ls' uses more lines because it formats using one less

aragorn% ls <Ctrl-D>
CVS/             LICENCE          acconfig.h       config.sub*
ChangeLog        META-FAQ         aclocal.m4       configure*
ChangeLog-3.1    Makefile         aczsh.m4         configure.ac 
ChangeLog.3.0    Makefile.in      config.cache     configure.in 
Completion/      Misc/            config.guess*    install-sh*
Config/          README           config.h         mkinstalldirs*
Doc/             Src/             config.h.in      stamp-h 
Etc/             StartupFiles/    config.log       stamp-h.in 
Functions/       Test/            config.modules   zshconfig.ac 
INSTALL          Util/            config.status*   

Mainly just curious why there is a difference.


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