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Re: Picky criticism of ls completion list formatting

>>> "Peter" == Peter Whaite <peta@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:


 Peter> OK I see.  The (GNU) ls algorithm uses variable column
 Peter> widths separated with 2 spaces, whereas zsh by default
 Peter> uses the same column width for all the columns separated
 Peter> by 3 spaces.  List_packed makes the widths variable but
 Peter> still keeps the spacing of 3.

I looked at this about a year ago, so things maybe different
now, but IIRC both ls and zsh use 2 spaces to separate columns.
The difference is that for ls -F the file-type-character is part
of the filename while Zsh for Zsh it's separate.  If list_types
is set, Zsh will add a third column to display this additional
character.  Thus if you have only plain files, Zsh will appear
to separate column with spaces through actually one of them is a
file-type-charater.  This should be obvious if you highlight
this caracter, for instance with:

  zstyle ':completion:*:default' list-colors 'tc=03;31'


Alexandre Duret-Lutz

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