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Re: zsh-4.0.[12] won't "configure"

On Jul 3, 12:28pm, Seiichi Namba wrote:
} Thanks for all your efforts on the shell,
} But what happened to Config/funcinst.mk in zsh-4.0.[12] ?

funcinst.mk has been gone since just after 3.1.9.  It was removed and
the function installation information went to config.modules.

} Or Config/funcinst.mk should have been made by auto(re)conf or something ?

It shouldn't be used at all any more, and the two references to it in
zshconfig.ac are a mistake.  There should be no references left to the
FUNCINST_MK variable that is erroneously defined there.

} Will zsh-3.1.9/Config/funcinst.mk do the job (it seems succeeds too),
} or should I wait the next fix ?

You should not need funcinst.mk at all.  Re-extract the tar file in a
fresh directory, and start the configure process from scratch.

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