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Re: zsh-4.0.[12] won't "configure"

Thank you Andrej Borsenkow, and Bart Schaefer for your quick responses.

In message <000d01c10384$588b38d0$21c9ca95@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   "Andrej Borsenkow" writes:
> > See config.modules for installed modules and functions.
> >
> > creating Config/defs.mk
> > sed: Couldn't open file ./Config/funcinst.mk
> You must have broken sed. funcinst.mk was removed in 3.1.9-dev-8 when
> config.modules was introduced. It still hangs around, but it should not harm
> in any way; look:

I saw, and cited the sed messages, but I did not noticed that it was
the culprit.  Indeed my /usr/bin/sed is:

$ sed-1.18-mbyte-extension-1.03 --version
GNU sed version 1.18 + multi-byte extension 1.03

which is very old Japanized version, on which my Japanese word
processing scripts built in years depend so much that still I can't
replace -- some newer Japanized versions exists but there are lots of
difference aside this issue.  Actually the two sed's behave
differently as Andrej pointed out:

$ echo aaa | sed-1.18-mbyte-extension-1.03 '/aaa/r /tmp/IN-EXISTING'; echo $?
sed-1.18-mbyte-extension-1.03: Couldn't open file /tmp/IN-EXISTING
$ echo aaa | sed-3.02 '/aaa/r /tmp/IN-EXISTING; echo $?

After all I compiled zsh with replacing /usr/bin/sed symlink to
sed-3.02, but I am glad that if you could change zshconfig.ac (or any
other file) as the Andrej's patch since there may be still another old
GNU sed in someone's /usr/bin.

Thank you.

S.Namba <sn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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