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RE: PATCH: zsh/pcre module

> Bart Schaefer wrote:
> >
> > Incidentally, I'm not entirely sure I approve of adding this PCRE module
> > to the regular zsh distribution.
> I agree with Bart here in some respects.
> How easy is it to package up modules separately in such a way that they
> could be built and installed without needing to be unpacked over the zsh
> source and compiled with it. Ideally, we would have a set of include
> files which was all anyone needed to build a separate zsh module.

That is what I'm still thinking about.

I'm afraid currently there is no easy way to separate modules and main zsh.
We do not have well defined interfaces; even worse, with modules
cross-references you'd need extra stuff for every dependent module that is
needed to compile a module (ough ...). Also, chained dynamic loading is not
well supported on many plattforms.

What I am really considering is more Apache-like scheme. Modules can be
packaged separately but still need to be included in sources (registered?).
Every module is to large extend independent; you unpack it, do something

configure --with-zsh-dir=...

and it will modify zsh configuration to include this module (whatever it
means). It must not be configure (it is well possible that this should be
pre-configure task). After that you just do make and it will compile module
*and* recompile zsh main if needed.

But it is still very vague; and there are some other more urgent things
(module dependencies in the first place).


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