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RE: About ZSH vs. BASH

>     So, the choice is quite simple: we will take zsh as our system
> shell and sometime in the future, if necessary, will start our shell
> project (if possible...). The problem here is that we use to compile
> the programs we run, because our directory layout is special and
> because our Linux is hand-made, not a distribution. So, we need a
> shell capable of interpret the './configure' scripts and other
> scripts which came with the sources.
>     At this point we fully know that BASH interprets them, and we
> want to know if we can use zsh not only as an user shell, but if we
> can use it as our /bin/sh, fully replacing BASH; the problem is
> precisely this: we cannot use both shells, although we could consider
> using zsh & ash. This is not sure at all, so we would sleep better if
> zsh could be used as a full replacement.

This should be possible. zsh is not fully bash-compatible, but it should be
to the large extent sh-compatible (where sh means POSIX sh) if called as sh.
I just run zsh's own configure with zsh in shell mode.

But we do not have any specific compatibility tests. Keep in mind that many
Linux scripts silently assume bash and are *not* portable. It is not zsh
fault :-)


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