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zsh 4.x bug in completion?


I'm a long-time user of zsh, and like it very much. I noticed there was
a new release, and thought I should upgrade because some of the
minor shortcomings of the 3.0.x-series might have been fixed. So I
upgraded from zsh3.0.x to zsh4.0.2 and noticed that it behaves
completely different. While I detest changing so much of the integral
behaviour, most of this was configurable, so i could restore the old
behaviour, and regain my sanity.

One thing, though, looks like a bug to me, at least I found no way to
turn it off.

To verify it, I used plain setup except a different binding for tab:

| nuyen:~>zsh -f
| nuyen% echo $ZSH_VERSION 
| 4.0.2
| nuyen% bindkey ^i expand-or-complete-prefix

Now we enter a command. 

| nuyen% echo test
| test

Lets assume this fails due to lacking permissions. I want to prepend
"sudo " to this command (sudo runs its arguments as root)

So i go to the beginning of the line, and add "sud"-<TAB>. The line now
looks like this:

| nuyen% sudo echo test 

With the cursor beeing on the "e" of echo.
Now hit enter.

| nuyen% sudoecho test 
| zsh: command not found: sudoecho

zsh removes the space. I have no idea who had that brilliant idea.

I found no option to turn this off. The closest ones, auto_param_keys
and auto_remove_slash seem to have no effect on that.

Please help,
(Learn Lisp.  (Really.  (I'm serious.  (Trust me. (It rocks all over.)))))
-- Matt Curtin <cmcurtin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> on freebsd-chat

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