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RE: A couple of problems with version 4.0.2

>     Well, I have a couple of suggestions about zsh since I've had
> some little problems installing it. First of all, the file
> Src/zshpaths.h, which is generated by the makefile, doesn't seem to
> be updated when re-running configure with other directory options.

Currently it depends on Makemod that is actually rebuilt only when some
module gets added/removed (it depends on config.modules).

I guess, it should depend on config.status as well. At least, this provides
obvious workaround.

>     The second problem is that I need to adapt zsh to our filesystem,
> and I need to put the dinamic-loadable modules in the directory
> $(prefix)/lib/zsh instead of $(prefix)/lib/zsh/$(VERSION)/zsh,
the last zsh is part of module name, so installation directory is
$prefix/lib/zsh/$VERSION. I am not sure setting it to $prefix/lib would be a
good choice, because modules names may conflict with another SW (currently
all modules are named as zsh/something but we may get foo/bar sometimes).
So, it is better to keep them under common directory. Versioning allows
several versions to coexist.

Why would oyu need to force particular location?

>     The last is just a suggestion: I want to use zsh instead of ash
> in a special linux bootdisk we have at work, but the maintainer of
> that disk has said to me that the editing keybindings in zsh cannot
> be removed and that they occupy a lot. To my knowledge the edition
> facilities of zsh (command-line edition, I mean) are loaded as a
> module and so it can be removed, aren't they?

Strictly speaking, they are autoloaded if zsh runs interactive. But if
corresponding modules do not exist, zsh will run without. What I do not like
is error message:

bor@itsrm2% zsh -f
zsh: failed to load module: zsh/zle

Maybe, we could make it conditional on zsh name? (name it azsh for simple
zsh :-)

I do not know if it possible to put zsh on a floppy. On my system (not a
ix86 and with debugging):

bor@itsrm2% size =zsh
/tools/bin/zsh: 796300 + 58864 + 2525272 = 3380436

Looks like a bit too much for a floppy. May be, static build without all
modules needs a bit less.


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