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Re: Various vared problems with screen refresh, etc.

Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> typed:
:I'm encountering all the problems I'm about to describe while using PWS's
:"zse" (zstyle edit) function.  Stripped down, it looks like:
:Use it with a small enough window that all the styles won't fit on one
:screen, so you have to scroll up and down.  In fact it's probably best
:if they require more than -two- screens, but I'm not sure.
:First problem:  Display refresh when a "minibuffer" command is used.
:Make sure the cursor is at the last line (do end-of-buffer-or-history).
:Invoke history-incremental-search-backward or -forward and look closely
:at the display.  In my case, I'm seeing some lines that should be off
:the top of the screen appearing above the `bck-i-search:' prompt.  I
:think a refresh computation somewhere is counting down N lines from the
:first line in the whole buffer, rather than down N lines from the first
:visible line.

My problem.  I'll provide a patch for it.  It's duplicating a scroll
around zle_refresh.c:436+ and snextline define.

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