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Re: New options & arguments processing system for ZSH

On Aug 17,  2:59pm, martin.ebourne@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
} For now I'd like any comments people have, especially bug reports and
} praise (yeah right!).

I've barely glanced over it, but my initial impressions are:

- I like it a lot better than the XML version suggested by Felix, but
  the ideal solution probably lies somewhere between the two.

- It suffers from the same problems as my _arg_compile scheme, to wit,
  every function that uses it has to do a lot of extra work that is not
  directly related to the purpose of the function.

- Here-documents end up getting encoded as strings in the compiled
  function definition in memory, so this is probably prohibitive for
  general use except when using zcompile'd files with memory mapping.

- You should have sent it to zsh-workers, not zsh-users. :-)

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