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Re: How to complete backquote, etc. using compsys?

On Aug 29,  6:31pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} > } Also, without multios the closing
} > } bracket of $(<...) should always be completed.
} > 
} > It would have to be an autoremovable suffix, too; `echo $(<file wc)' is
} > a silly example of why.
} I never knew you could do that. Still, ')' as an autoremovable suffix
} would be better behaviour than the current situation.

The question in this case (and in other cases of multiple suffix layers)
is exactly when you remove them.  E.g. with a file suffix like '/', it
gets removed if you immediately press enter, but in the above case it
should not get removed.  Also with $(...) or `...`, pressing space after
the autoremovable suffix is ambiguous -- more arguments to the command,
or the next thing after it? -- whereas with a pathname '/' a space almost
always means that you're done with that file name.

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