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colors & tab completion

Hi everyone,

I just recently decided to try and make that color prompt I always
wanted, so I eventually came up with this setup (after parsing

PROMPT="${fg[magenta]}%n${fg[white]}@${fg[green]}%m ${fg[blue]}%C \
${fg[white]}%(#.=>.->) "

this clearly makes this format: "username@host directory -> " with
the username magenta, the host green, and the directory blue.  the
-> becomes => when logged in as root.

anyway, that all works fine.  the problem is that when one presses
tab multiple times to activate automenu, this is what gets

"username@host directory -> filename.ext1                     ext2"

where the huge gap appears to be about equal to the length of the
color prompt.

I tried doing this with zsh -f, in case it was my config file, and
it wasn't.  I'm running OpenBSD 2.9 on my personal system, but I
have the same problem on the university computers running a
Slackware variant.  Same problem with zsh versions 3.1.9 and 4.0.2.

any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author