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Re: PATCH: ztcp

 --- Clint Adams <clint@xxxxxxx> wrote: >
> I had imagined that you could do something like 'exec 9<&$REPLY'
> if you wanted to pick the fd.  Unfortunately this doesn't
> update the session table.

I think it is better as Bart suggested with the option to specify a
choice of fd because for everything else, you need to manage fd numbers

What might be quite useful though is some sort of special variable
which would generate an unused fd number so you can do something like:
  ztcp -u ${fd:=$NEWFD} host:port
and then use $fd thereafter for the file descriptor.

> > Incidentally, I did mention your objection to /dev/tcp/portname on
> the
> > shell mailing list, but the response was that several unix variants
> Hmm.  Is there a spec yet, or is bash just the reference

I doubt there will be any spec for quite some time. I also doubt that
bash or any other particular shell will be declared the reference
implementation though any new feature will need at least one


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