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hp/ux terminfo

> Under HP-UX, the tgetent return codes recently changed so it
> returns OK (0) for success and ERR (-1) for error.  Hence the
> changes invalidated the code written with the old assumptions.
> I am not sure if HP-UX is following a new POSIX standard or what
> by implementing these changes, but it may be possible that linux
> has made a similar change.

This is actually from X/Open Curses, which doesn't define
specific values for OK and ERR.  The tgetent entry
has been marked "to be withdrawn" in Open Group specs
for many years now.  I'm not sure if this is because
they intend to deprecate the termcap emulation routines
or because of the possible return value inconsistency.

If HP-UX is actually returning 0 instead of merely
documenting the X/Open behavior and implementing the
traditional behavior, we should check for that
at configure-time.

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