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file completion listing in 4.1.0-dev-2


I've now upgraded to 4.1.0-dev-2 after a case of mistaken identity. The
long/short option grouping now works properly, which is great.

I have re-checked the completion bug I reported yesterday against
4.1.0-dev-1 (title 'Completion behaviour in 4.1.0-dev-1') and can confirm
that is still not working correctly.

Also, if I do the below, then I get the blank line in the listing as
indicated, and the cursor is left incorrectly where the '#' is (the
character is really an 'e' under the cursor). This works correctly in

% zsh -f
% autoload -U compinit
% compinit -C
% zstyle ':completion:*:default' list-colors 'no=00' 'fi=38;5;11' 'di=38;5;14' 'ln=38;5;214' 'pi=38;5;218' 'so=38;5;218' 'bd=38;5;218' 'cd=38;5;218'
'ex=38;5;10' '*.bat=38;5;10' '*.com=38;5;10' '*.cmd=38;5;10' '*.exe=38;5;10' '*.arj=38;5;15' '*.lzh=38;5;15' '*.tar=38;5;15' '*.tgz=38;5;15' '
*.taz=38;5;15' '*.Z=38;5;15' '*.z=38;5;15' '*.gz=38;5;15' '*.zip=38;5;15' '*.rpm=38;5;15' '*.deb=38;5;15' '*.a=38;5;12' '*.o=38;5;12' '*.d=38;5;12' '
*.elc=38;5;12' '*.zwc=38;5;12' '*core=01;38;5;9' '*~=38;5;245' '*.flc=38;5;245'
% setopt list_packed
% echo $COLUMNS
% ls <TAB>
Chang#Log       Config/     INSTALL    Makefile.in   StartupFiles/  aclocal.m4     config.h.in      config.sub*    fake            stamp-h.in
ChangeLog-3.1   Doc/        LICENCE    Misc/         Test/          aczsh.m4       config.log       configure*     install-sh*     zshconfig.ac
ChangeLog.3.0   Etc/        META-FAQ   README        Util/          config.guess*  config.modules   configure.ac   mkinstalldirs*

Completion/     Functions/  Makefile   Src/          acconfig.h     config.h       config.status*   configure.in   stamp-h



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