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Re: 4.0.3

Mads Martin Joergensen wrote:
> How come the following stops working in 4.0.3, according to the manpage
> it is correct:
> (mmj@staudinger) ~> ulimit -Sm unlimited
> ulimit: bad option: -m
> zsh: exit 1

-m corresponds to the internal definition RLIMIT_RSS, see

Are you on a system where RLIMIT_VMEM == RLIMIT_RSS?  If so, this is the
effect of 16033.  (If not, nothing should have changed since 4.0.2.)
Probably the best thing to do is handle this as a special case, as follows
--- this applies to both branches.

I changed the output message for the case in question, since it obviously
doesn't make sense to discriminate between virtual and physical memory here.

I can't really test this here, I don't have RLIMIT_RSS.  Not sure if this
is enough to upgrade 4.0.3 to 4.0.4, but at least I haven't announced 4.0.3

Index: Src/Builtins/rlimits.c
RCS file: /cvsroot/zsh/zsh/Src/Builtins/rlimits.c,v
retrieving revision 1.3
diff -u -r1.3 rlimits.c
--- Src/Builtins/rlimits.c	2001/10/22 17:18:29	1.3
+++ Src/Builtins/rlimits.c	2001/10/25 10:49:25
@@ -44,12 +44,6 @@
 # include "rlimits.h"
-/* If RLIMIT_VMEM and RLIMIT_RSS are defined and equal, drop support *
- * for RLIMIT_RSS.  Observed on QNX Neutrino 6.1.0.                 */
-#if defined(RLIMIT_RSS) && defined(RLIMIT_VMEM) && (RLIMIT_RSS == RLIMIT_VMEM)
-#undef RLIMIT_RSS
 # if defined(RLIM_T_IS_QUAD_T) || defined(RLIM_T_IS_LONG_LONG) || defined(RLIM_T_IS_UNSIGNED)
 static rlim_t
 zstrtorlimt(const char *s, char **t, int base)
@@ -174,7 +168,9 @@
 	if (limit != RLIM_INFINITY)
 	    limit /= 512;
-# ifdef RLIMIT_RSS
+/* If RLIMIT_VMEM and RLIMIT_RSS are defined and equal, avoid *
+ * duplicate case statement.  Observed on QNX Neutrino 6.1.0. */
+# if defined(RLIMIT_RSS) && (!defined(RLIMIT_VMEM) || RLIMIT_VMEM != RLIMIT_RSS)
     case RLIMIT_RSS:
 	if (head)
 	    printf("resident set size (kbytes) ");
@@ -205,7 +201,11 @@
 # ifdef RLIMIT_VMEM
     case RLIMIT_VMEM:
 	if (head)
+	    printf("memory size (kb)           ");
+#  else
 	    printf("virtual memory size (kb)   ");
+#  endif
 	if (limit != RLIM_INFINITY)
 	    limit /= 1024;

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