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Re: [bug report] 4.0.2 / 4.0.4 dumps core

On Nov 22,  9:09am, Wischnowsky, Sven wrote:
} Bart wrote:
} > I'm wondering if it wouldn't be more appropriate to duplicate the
} > strings in compctl.c:dumphashtable()
} Yes, I thought about doing that, too, and I don't really care where
} we put that ztrdup().

It's a matter of the principle that code that's only examining the
contents of a data structure shouldn't be changing those contents, even
if it restores them afterwards.

} > rather than simply allowing the completion code to poke bytes into
} > the real reswdtab.
} But it isn't the completion code. At least not for me. It SEGVed in
} the pattern matching code (called from the completion code).

Yes, but it's the completion code that's "violating" the pattern match
code API, in the sense that the pattern match code is supposed to get
writable strings and the completion code isn't providing them.

} And I was tempted to change that code to at least test if it was
} trying to write a '\0' onto the Null-byte at the end of a string.

That would unnecessarily penalize every other caller of the pattern
match code, wouldn't it?

If there's no problem with using dupstring() in dumphashtable(), then
I'd prefer to commit my patch rather than yours.

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