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Re: Maybe a bug?

    Hi again, Zefram :)

>>kernel times are not 0. The elapsed time should be, at least, the sum
>>of user and kernel time, shouldn't it?.
>Strictly speaking no; on a multi-processor system

    Yes, I forgot O:))) I'm not very accostumed to SMP boxes ;)

>>It should return 0, not 18887% as it uses.
>Obviously the elapsed time is not zero in this case, it's just too
>small to show as non-zero in the output format we use.

    Yes, it's true. But the percentage is bad anyway :??

>-- it can be correct to show more than 100% CPU usage (if the program
>averaged using more than one CPU at a time).

    Yes again... Well, anyway I use 'GNU time' most of the time when
doing statistics for my programs, and then the number matters. I'll
use the builtin time for general use (sometimes I want to profile
shell functions, and the builtin time is better for that).

    Thanks a lot for your help. I'm really falling in love with zsh
every second I use it :))) Far better than Bash, IMHO. Without the
ugly readline, the amazing completion system, etc... I'm afraid I
won't be able to learn all its capabilities in this life ;))


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