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Re: PATCH: _file_systems & Re: zstyle for _arguments feature request

 --- Sven Wischnowsky <wischnow@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: > 

> And here is a patch for this. Not very nice, because we use $_comps
> in several places and I've just added `eval's there. Probably should
> be put into a separate function, but somehow it looks to small and
> simple for that.

It could be useful as a utility function anyway though. That it would
be used in _su convinces me. Including the $service setting stuff would
make it slightly less small. Perhaps it could be merged with _contexts
which is similar anyway.

> This, too, I'm not going to commit until I get replies.

It looks good to me and seems to work well. Using eval instead of $=tmp
is not something I'd thought about. I suppose it might be useful to get
at one of the special variables like $words or $QIPREFIX.


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