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PATCH: floating point output

I just noticed:

(( A = 1.2e12 ))
print $A

prints `1200000000000', with no decimal point.  Hence if A is a scalar the
number is treated in future as an integer.  This causes problems for
example if you try to square it: try entering `1.2e12' then `$1 ** 2' in
zcalc.  The math code correctly returns a floating point number, but
convfloat doesn't check there is a `.' or `e' in the result.  This might
simply be an effect of the Solaris sprintf() implementation.  The same
occurs with e.g. 1.0000, although that's usually less of a problem.

This is the simplest patch I can think of.  I haven't added any extra
digits because the number of digits has already been worked out, just the
`.'.  I don't think this should cause problems.

Index: Src/params.c
RCS file: /cvsroot/zsh/zsh/Src/params.c,v
retrieving revision 1.58
diff -u -r1.58 params.c
--- Src/params.c	2001/12/18 14:51:31	1.58
+++ Src/params.c	2002/01/09 13:45:09
@@ -3357,6 +3357,8 @@
     } else {
 	VARARR(char, buf, 512 + digits);
 	sprintf(buf, fmt, digits, dval);
+	if (!strchr(buf, 'e') && !strchr(buf, '.'))
+	    strcat(buf, ".");
 	return dupstring(buf);

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