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Re: PATCH: updated _zstyle and cleanup of related stuff

 --- Sven Wischnowsky <wischnow@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: > 
> > -_files -/ "$@"
> > +_path_files -/ "$@"
> Sorry for the late reply, but: what is this part supposed to achieve?
> It means that people can't use the file-patterns style for those
> commands anymore. Bad idea, I'd say.

Oops, that wasn't meant to go into the patch.

I'd been messing about with that because it seemed strange that
_path_files -/ resulted in a description of 'directory' while _files -/
resulted in a description of 'file'. Perhaps _directories should
instead do something like this?
_wanted directories expl directory _files -/ "$@" -

Anyone using it with -g should surely specify a (/) qualifier to the
glob otherwise they should be using _files in the first place.

Also, thinking about it, in places where we do things like
  _files -g '*.png'
we should really do
  _files -g '*.png(.)'
because you wouldn't want to complete a directory named something.png.

I wish multiple glob qualifiers in series (e.g. *(@)(u0)) were allowed
because it would make it much easier for completion functions to add
qualifiers to existing globs. I can't remember details off the top of
my head but I've come across a number of minor problems resulting from


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