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Re: Bad expansion

    Hello Bart :)

>> >>    # Bad substitution
>> >>    echo ${${testing[1]}_VALUE}
>> >echo ${(e):-\$${testing[1]}_VALUE}
>> >The :-\ is a smiley that means "maybe there ought to be a neater way".
>>     Are you joking?
>Yes, he is.

    I knew, just a rethoric question ;))))

>>     "Expand <NULL> identifier, and, if it is not defined or missing
>> (which is true), expand the other thing, that is, \$${testing[1]}_VALUE"
>Almost.  You forgot about the (e).  The whole expression means:

    Oh, I see O:)) The expansions... I was misguided by the smiley XDD

>>     Seriously: why am I having the 'bad substitution' error? What am
>> I doing wrong?. This interest me more than the solution.
>Anything that looks like ${${...}} is called a "nested substitution".  The
>stuff inside the outermost ${...} can take one of two forms:
>(1) it can be the name of a parameter (in which case the substitution is
>    not nested, of course), plus an optional [...] subscript;
>(2) it can be another ${...} substitution expression plus an optional
>    subscript.

    Crystal clear now. I didn't understand the rules for nested
substitution on the zsh manual. Thanks a lot :)

    You are of invaluable help, truly. It's people like Zefram and
you that makes me proud of using Linux, Zsh and all that good free
software out there. You're great.


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