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Re: PATCH: _file_systems & Re: zstyle for _arguments feature request

Felix Rosencrantz wrote:

> I really like the new fake parameter.
> Though there is a possible strange behavior.  I'm not sure how multiple
> matches are handled in other situations, so this might just be how
> completion works.
> Given these commands:
> host@ zstyle :completion::complete:cvs-admin:option-k-1:option-k-1 fake
> b:binary
> host@ cvs admin -k<TAB>
> ---- keyword substitution
> b  -- binary
> b    k    kv   kvl  o    v
> I wanted to add help text to options to the -k flag.  I was able to do that,
> however, "b" is now listed twice. (As well as any other options to which I
> add help.)

I've had a closer look at this. It's because calling _describe adds
the faked matches in a -V-group and later the normal matches are added
in a -J-group.

Hrm.  Both showing -V- and -J-groups together or removing duplicates
in such pairs of groups with the same name could mess things up
terribly, so that's not a possible solution.

Maybe I've got to re-think the whole fake-style thing again.

But anyway, the descriptions should be added by _cvs.


Sven Wischnowsky                           wischnow@xxxxxxxxx

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