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Re: PATCH: _ssh (scp)

On Feb 4, 12:59pm, Clint Adams wrote:
} Subject: PATCH: _ssh (scp)
} So this is based on a patch from David Engel for something resembling
} the current 4.0.x CVS.  Is it necessary to provide the echo behavior
} as well, or can we safely assume that everything can do ls -d1F these
} days?

Assorted remarks:

This still needs the 2>/dev/null fix I described in 16533.

If you *are* going to parse "ls -F" output, you should remove the comment
that indicates otherwise.

Another possible approach would be to use ls (without -d) on the directory
parent of the remote path, and let the completion system filter out the
non-matching names, rather than the rather crude hack I did of appending
a `*' to the path.  This would support complete-in-word a bit better, but
means more network traffic.

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