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Re: new fake style, completion grouping etc

 --- Sven Wischnowsky <wischnow@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> But in the case of _arguments, the tag is created created
> automatically, so the user couldn't know it (well, he could know it
> beacuse we know how they are constructed, but...).
> Maybe we should make _guard derive the name from the -[JV] argument,
> that would be saver than it sounds (the group name is set from the
> group-name style, which is tag for most people using it at all, and
> it
> would ensure that the matches are really in the same group).

I'm not sure that I like the idea of using the group name - seems a bit
hacky. I'd be more inclined to make _arguments call _guard for some
special action syntax, e.g. :-/pattern/.

> I've thought about this, too, several times, but didn't dare it yet.
> Maybe we should just do it and make 4.1 the phase of completion code
> cleanup.
> This wouldn't really help in this case, though. Because _describe
> adds
> the matches with -V to be able to get the right layout. If one of the
> real matches gets added earlier, the list display will get messed up.

Well, it would help in that all the matches would be together in the
same list under the same description. The fake matches would just not
be sorted so the layout might not be ideal.


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