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Re: new fake style, completion grouping etc

 --- Sven Wischnowsky <wischnow@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: > 

> Layout manipulation is at the core of _describe, used for options and

I need to have a closer look at what _describe is doing. I thought the
layout was more done in C.

> One solution would be to put some more work into lookup of the fake
> style, i.e.: change some of our utility function to look it up

Sounds like a reasonable possibility.

> > Looks good. I wasn't expecting the different behaviour for
> > f() { _wanted -x foos expl foo compadd } and
> > f() { _message -e foos foo }
> > 
> > The former gives both the description (foo) and the `No matches
> for'
> > message. This seems to be _message setting _comp_mesg. I don't
> think
> > the No matches for message is relevant when we are listing the foo
> > description so I think _description should also set _comp_mesg when
> > $xopt is -x.
> Actually, I don't think so. The first one tells me that we try to
> complete something but there are no matches, wheres in the second
> case
> we only display a message, not trying to complete anything.

I disagree. Because _wanted has -x, I'd interpret it as
being that it possibly adds a few matches as a convenience but
is not adding all the possibilities. The _message is just a more
readable syntax for those cases where we haven't even attempted
to generate matches.

The void below the description communicates that the system is
unable to offer useful matches for the tag. The name of the tag
is the useful information and that is already displayed (in the
description). A "No matches for" message is useful as a way of
communicating tags which could go in the current context if any
possibilities matched. Perhaps, better phrasing would be
"No possible ".

My intention for -x was that it could be used wherever added
matches are not a complete list, e.g. hostname completion,
destination filename from the mv command.

> Another option? -s for `silent' or `-q' or something?

It isn't clear to me in what cases they would/wouldn't be used.
And I'd want them in every place where -x is.

> > I also think it might be a good idea to optionally allow a
> different
> > format string for -x descriptions - it'd just be another style
> lookup.

> Suggestions for a name? Looks like a relatively simple change,
> indeed.

If I'd been able to think of a good name, I might have done a patch
myself. The best I can think of is probably `held-descriptions'. I
can think of better words than `held' but they are all a bit long
resulting in a very long tag name. It should probably fall back on
whatever format is set for the `descriptions' tag. Actually, I think
the `descriptions' tag would be better named `heading' but I suppose
it is too late now.


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